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"A Sharp Pencil In Firm Hands Could Eliminate The K.P.B. Budget Crisis Without New Taxes!"


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   Latest eAlert - June 3, 2013 Assembly Meeting...    


The next regular Kenai Borough Assembly meeting is Tuesday, June 4th at 6 pm.  Items of interest include the following: 

1. Repeal of Assembly term limits (Ordinance 2013-20) The borough assembly has a long history of ignoring voters on term limits. The assembly will attempt to steer the conversation to the merits of term limits and away from the fact that voters have repeatedly said they want term limits on the assembly.  Who does the assembly actually represent?

2. Fiscal notes (Resolution 2013-037), now considerably diluted from the original version will be discussed. 

Click here for the complete June 4th meeting agenda. 

At the June 18th meeting the pro-government ZONING (Ordinance 2013-18) will be weighed against PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS (Ordinance 2013-12). Where will you be on this one?  Send the Borough Clerk an email and ask her to share your thoughts with the mayor and entire assembly: jblankenship@borough.kenai.ak.us

Also, consider sending a letter to the editor to all papers on the peninsula. Don't forget talk radio programs. NOW is time to ACT.


   KPB Assembly Off-Budget Spending Record  FY-2012  

Off-Budget spending occurs after the budget has been approved and the property tax mil rate set.  This spending will need to be paid for from either a reduction in the following fiscal year spending, taping the savings account, or raising taxes.  It appears that many of these issues are the result of poor planning by the administration.  See Who On The Assembly Is Spending Your Money 


   KPB Assembly Controversial Issues Voting Records  

Here is a one stop place to see how the assembly voted on issues the public feels are controversial for one reason or another.  This information will be helpful for voters to make informed decisions in the future.  Assembly Voting Records


   Funding Kenai Borough Schools To "The CAP"  

   What Are Taxpayers Getting For All This Money?  

Funding education to the maximum possible sounds like an honorable thing to do.  After all, it's for the kids... right?  The KPB Assembly has been funding our School District to the CAP for years, but what are we getting for all our money?  Read more about this issue and find some interesting answers... 

   A Brief History of Activism on the Kenai Peninsula  

Click here to see our list of accomplishments.


   We all have the power to influence our local government . . .  

  Follow this link for some powerful suggestions


   Why The Kenai Borough Needs A Tax Cap 

   One Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words! 














The top line shows the actual total of borough tax collected.  The lower line shows what the total borough tax collected would have been had the CAP been put in place in 2005 when first proposed by ACT.  ACT-CAP could have saved you thousands of dollars a year and made it more difficult for the borough and school district to build massive fund balances (savings accounts) through their current policy of over-taxation.  Read more about ACT-CAP and how it works...


   Kenai Borough & School District Employee Salary Figures 

If you want to know where the majority of your tax dollars go, then look no farther...


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